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Govalle, Austin, TX is an Affordable Community

Govalle is a low-income, ethnic neighborhood in east Austin. While it has its share of east Austin crime and economic problems, the residents take pride in their neighborhood. Its location close to downtown, Lady Bird Lake, and several parks may make it attractive for more younger professionals and families to move here. The neighborhood is slowly in transition as newer, more expensive homes are being built. Visit this link for more information.

Affordable Houses

With a median income 25 percent below the city average, Govalle has some rundown areas and some more excellent sections. Although it suffers from the east Austin reputation of being crime-ridden and unsavory, Govalle benefits from the gradual improvement in east Austin with higher-end housing being built here. But it remains a low-cost area to live in, with most housing prices in the mid-$100K range. Because of the low housing costs, many artists have taken up residence here. Learn more about East Austin, Austin, TX is a Diverse Community.

Tight-Knight Community

The population is mainly Hispanic, and residents form a vibrant, close-knit community. The neighborhood is a short distance from downtown and the University of Texas, and public bus lines are readily accessible. The south side is heavily industrialized, with commercial and industrial buildings and warehouses. The rest of the neighborhood is residential. Ballet East, a couple of theater companies, and some live music venues are located here.