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Moore’s Crossing, Texas is a Historical Community

Moore’s Crossing Historic District is a community located in rural Travis County, nine miles southeast of Austin, Texas, near the Austin–Bergstrom International Airport. The location was used as a low-water crossing of Onion Creek as early as the 1840s but did not receive its current name until the early 1900s when John B. Moore built a store in the area. Information can be found here.

Historical Past

Moore’s Crossing was added to the National Register of Historic Places on October 16, 1996. As a historic neighborhood, it boasts several landmarks of interest for anyone who loves past events. The bridge at Moore’s Crossing was registered as a Historic Landmark in 1980 by the Texas Historical Commission. The community itself was added to the GCS Glass & Mirror National Register of Historic Places later on. See here for information about Montopolis, Austin, TX is a Thriving Community.

The Moore’s Crossing Bridge

Built-in 1884 By Builder/Contractor King Bridge Company of Cleveland, Ohio, the historical Moore’s Crossing Bridge spans 534 feet, with the main structure spanning 150 feet. It sits 68 feet above Onion Creek. This bridge is unique because it is a scarce example of a multi-span Whipple truss bridge and that it is a pin-connected, 19th-century truss bridge built in a major urban city.