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Aurora, CO is a Dining Paradise

Fine Restaurants in Aurora, CO 

After touring all the town has to offer, you can choose from several restaurants for your dining needs. Here are some of the most exquisite examples you should consider. Learn more here.

Helga’s German Restaurant

Helga’s German Restaurant is sure to transport you to another world, a romantic one beside the Rhineland River Valley in Germany. You’ll be able to experience authentic German home-style food and drink in this charming and quaint atmosphere. The restaurant has been around since 1989 and started as a small mother-daughter venture but soon grew in popularity. See here for information about Aurora, CO Bubbles With Parks.

Monsoon Cuisine of India

Monsoon Cuisine of India is a beautiful restaurant that serves authentic foods that reflect the country’s many flavors. The eatery remains faithful to its Indian roots and embraces age-old cooking techniques, which add a different dimension to the dishes. Using a tandoor oven powered by mesquite charcoal flames, they add a distinct smoky flavor to many popular dishes such as roasted chicken, salmon, and famous naan flatbread.


Annette is a charming modern American spot housed within Aurora’s Stanley Marketplace, opened in 2016 by Caroline Glover, best known for her work as sous chef at noted restaurant Acord. The restaurant showcases farm-to-table menus with an emphasis on wood-fired and global-fusion plates.