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Aurora, CO is a Nature Wonderworld

Interacting with Nature in Aurora, CO 

Interacting with nature is one of the fun things you will be sure to enjoy in Aurora. Apart from the nearby Denver Zoo, you and the whole family will find excellent spots to come face-to-face with nature, including fauna and flora in these areas. See further information here.

The Morrison Nature Center

This fully-fledged nature center is the go-to place in Aurora for exhibitions and workshops related to the Centennial State’s unique natural habitats. A site is an excellent option for travelers with kids in tow as it manages several wild bird feeding platforms and birdwatching stations in the nearby parkland. Visitors can come to spy out American kestrels and hawks, larks, and rare species of owl. Naturalist walks are also organized from the base. Learn more about Aurora, CO Enjoys an Approximate Access to Denver.

Meet the alpacas at Chimera Ranch

The go-to place in Colorado for fine alpaca furs and fleece, Chimera Ranch makes its home between Bennet’s plains, just to the east of Aurora city center. Here, owners Norm and Sandra Johnson are passionate about forging a close relationship with nature, pursuing a dream that will allow them to leave behind big business and enjoy a life spent tending to these curious creatures out of South America.