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Aurora, CO is an Excellent Destination for Group Fun

Group Excursion in Aurora, CO

Discover Aurora’s most unique activities for groups. From painting and cooking school to horseback riding and escape rooms, Aurora is filled with indeed one-of-a-kind activities that will leave your team speechless. More about Aurora, CO can be seen here.

Mission Escapes

Do you have a group of innovators on your hands? Reserve your spot at Mission Escapes, Aurora’s reality escape room, complete with two different missions to choose from. Hunt for treasure by solving puzzles or participating in a lunar escape. Specializing in groups, you’re welcome to book online. Mission Escapes is known for its logistical team building. Click here to read about Aurora, CO is a Family-Centric Fun Destination.

12 Mile Stables

Experience a trail ride right in the heart of Aurora’s Cherry Creek Reservoir. Surrounded by mountain views and colorful aspen trees, gather your crew for an adventure on horseback. 12 Mile Stables offers group rates, including a unique sunset and dinner ride and hourly rates.

Create Cooking School

Enjoy a chef-led cooking class that’s bound to impress with the creative dishes and unique cooking techniques for you to try. Create Cooking School offers a variety of group rates for creating different recipes from scratch. From Eastern Mediterranean to Burgers and Brews, what are you waiting for? This is an excellent spot to know the best cook in the group.