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Aurora, CO is an Outdoor Oasis

Unique Outdoor Trails in Aurora, CO

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will love the trails Aurora boasts. Whether it is about biking, hiking, walking, to anything in between, consider the following choices. Visit this link for more information.

Sand Creek Greenway Trail

This 12.4-mile biking trail connects to the South Platte Trail just outside the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Tucked away on Star K Ranch Park, the Sand Creek Greenway Trail is mainly paved with compacted gravel. Enjoy open spaces, waving prairie grass, and small marshes along the way. If you’re up for more of a challenge, the South Platte Trail connects the upper and lower metro areas while running about 28+ miles. Read about Aurora, CO is an Excellent Destination for Group Fun here.

Cherry Creek Reservoir Loop Trail

Located in Cherry Creek State Park’s heart, the Reservoir Loop Trail is a moderately popular route for bikers, walkers, and hikers. This 8.8-mile loop is perfect for beginners and casual bikers. Locals suggest coming early or staying late to avoid peak sun times. This flat trail is excellent for checking out native species, like hawks and bald eagles, or watching the water move on the 880-acre reservoir below.

Toll Gate Creek Trail

A local’s secret, the Toll Gate Creek Trail is great for experiencing a different Aurora side. This 6.3-mile trail is paved and used by bikers, dog walkers, and hikers.