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Common Questions About Our Services

Check this list of FAQs before contacting us.

Q: What’s the difference between clamps and channel for my frameless shower?

A: Channel is a low profile u-channel that goes around the perimeter of the glass. Clamps are about 2 x 2″ and they also go around the perimeter of the glass. There are typically 2 clamps on the wall side of the glass and 2 on the bottom of the glass. They are both considered frameless installation methods because they’re two different ways to install frameless heavy glass.

Q: Is one more secure than the other?

A: No, but channel typically seals up better. They are both secure when installed properly.

Q: What is the difference between Translucent/ Opaque/ Pattern Glass?

A: Translucent glass is clear or ultra clear. You can see through the glass. Opaque or patterned glass provides a bit more privacy as it isn’t completely clear.

Q: What is the difference in Diamond Seal, Enduroshield, and Showerguard?

A: Diamond Seal is a complimentary treatment that we apply to all of our showers after installation. It is sprayed on at the completion of install on the interior of the glass just before sealing the glass. It is a temporary water repellent solution similar to Rainex for your car windshield. It typically lasts 1-2 years.

A: EnduroShield is applied by our manufacturer when your glass is being cut to your custom size. The coating is a clear liquid that is sprayed onto the surface and polished in, creating a non-stick barrier that is both water and oil repellent, and resistant to corrosion, etching and staining. It typically lasts around 10 years, and is an additional fee. The homeowner must register the glass to warranty it.

A: ShowerGuard permanently seals the surface of the glass for lasting beauty with less maintenance. Using (large-area magnetron) sputtering coating technology, an invisible protective coating is fused to the surface, filling the peaks and valleys that occur naturally in glass and creating a smooth surface highly resilient to the dirt, soap and hard water buildup that dulls and etches ordinary glass. ShowerGuard is the priciest of treatment options because it is done during the manufacturing process and has a lifetime warranty. The homeowner must register the glass to warranty it.

Q: Will mirror mastic damage the walls?

A: Once it dries it can peel the texture and/or paint off of the wall when removed.

Q: What other options do we have to hang the mirror?

A: There are several options to hang mirrors with the most common being glued to the wall with mastic, floating with a french cleat, or installing using Dallas and/or acrylic clips. Depending on the size of the mirror, sometimes multiple methods are necessary.

Q: What is the difference in Clear vs Starphire?

A: Glass is made up of iron-oxide which naturally has a green hue, so “clear” glass typically gives off a greenish color. This becomes more apparent with lighter colored tile or paint and is most obvious along the edges of the glass. Starphire or Ultra Clear/Low Iron glass goes through a process of removing most of the iron from the glass reducing the green appearance. The thicker the piece of glass, the darker this color usually appears.

Q: Why was my final balance more than my deposit?

Taxes are applied to the final 50% due. When you pay your deposit, you’re paying 50% of the subtotal. When final payment is due, you’re paying the other 50% of the subtotal plus applicable taxes.

Q: Why didn’t your team wear shoe covers during installation?

A: It’s incredibly dangerous to carry glass with shoe coverings on. Glass is a heavy product, and the grip on shoes helps our installers better handle it safely. However, we do everything we can to still ensure a clean work environment during and after the project.

Q: What are out-of-squares?

A: Out of square conditions are where a wall or floor is not plumb or level and the glass needs to be cut at an angle to fit properly.

Q: Does the warranty cover breakage?

A: Our warranty does not cover breakage of glass. It is for hardware and craftsmanship.

Q: Why do your lead times change?

A: Lead times change based on the manufacturer we’re ordering the product from. They also vary from season to season.

Q: Why won’t you remove my light fixtures or put them back when replacing a mirror?

A: Our technicians are trained to install glass. We cannot take on the liability of them working on something outside the scope of our business, nor can we insure them. This also applies to painting, carpentry, and tile work.

Q: You broke my tile when installing your glass.

A: While we do everything within our control to avoid breaking tiles, it is sometimes unavoidable. We often don’t know what is behind the tile prior to installing (e.g. not enough thinset) which causes a hollow space behind the tile, thus we cannot be responsible when it does happen. We recommend always having a few extra tiles (especially glass tiles!) in case this were to happen.

Q: My shower is leaking. What do I do?

A: Frameless showers are just that – frameless. They are not fish tanks, and leaks do happen. This is why we offer a lifetime craftsmanship warranty for when there are leaks where there shouldn’t be. Small leaks around the door or between gaps in the glass panels (e.g. door and sidelite) are to be expected.

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