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Frameless Shower Glass Doors

If you are in the process of renovating your bathroom or installing a new bathroom in a newly built home, you will have some big decisions to make regarding the fit-out and fixtures. One of the most important decisions of your bathroom design is how you will enclose your shower. 

Not only do shower door enclosures need to stop the spread of water, but they also need to be easy to clean and look great. With so many options to choose from, however, how do you know which is the right option for your space? If framed shower doors are not part of how you envisage your shower project, then we’re here to help. 

At GCS Glass and Mirror, we offer a wide range of custom-made, frameless glass shower doors perfectly designed to suit your bathroom. Your dream bathroom is just a phone call away. 

Why Go Frameless?

There are so many reasons why you should opt for frameless glass shower doors over framed shower doors. We’ve all experienced the dreaded shower curtain that sticks to you and quickly grows mold or screens with metal frames that are a haven for soap scum.

Builder grade framed shower glass enclosures are typically glazed with a push vinyl that cracks, breaks, and doesn’t seal in corners well. By comparison, frameless shower glass enclosures are wet sealed to keep all water out. If taken care of, a high-grade waterproof silicone will look better for years to come and help to make the shower glass more secure also. 

Frameless doors make showering easier. They make the space feel larger thanks to their modern design and added the ability for more natural light to get in. The lack of edging means fewer places for soap scum or moisture to build up. As a result, frameless shower door enclosures remain cleaner for longer and take less effort to clean in general – making them the ideal choice for your shower project.   

Types Of  Frameless Glass Shower Doors 

Single Shower Door

Single frameless glass shower doors are ideal for standard-size shower enclosures (usually 22” to 34” wide opening). showers and are one of the most common frameless shower doors you will see. The frameless shower glass can in fact make the shower and surrounding bathroom space feel bigger.

 A frameless pivot swing shower door is a great option for single panel installation, though they can also be secured in place as a shower screen or splash panel with a walk-in opening to the shower. This option is a great alternative to a  stationary splash panel as it gives you more functionality when cleaning or bathing children. This is because it can be opened to give create more space.

Double Swing Doors

Wall to Glass hinged frameless glass shower doors can also be installed as double swing doors. Ideal for larger showers, their bold design makes a statement in any bathroom. These full-size frameless shower doors can be installed to swing inwards or outwards and are fantastic for allowing natural light into the entire shower space. 

Single & Double Frameless Barn Door Slider

Unlike the single and double swing doors, frameless barn door slider glass requires no hinges. If you want to add a timeless, classic touch to your bathroom project, then barn door sliders may be just what you are after.

These hingeless shower doors work well for more compact spaces as the door does not require room to swing. They require a more complicated installation than non-sliding shower doors, but the finished result is both beautiful and practical. 

Wondering if we should talk about what the difference between a double and single slider is and how they are able to function the way they do? Thoughts?

Semi-Frameless Double Bypass Sliders

Double bypass sliders are ideal for creating a large opening to the shower in bathrooms where space is at a premium. They are the preferred option over bi-fold shower doors which are often awkward and difficult to use.

Due to the weight of the glass and the way in which the doors slide, this option is often installed as a semi-frameless shower door with metal frames. This is most often seen with dual-sliding frameless shower doors. 

The presence of a partial frame helps to support the weight of the doors and enables them to slide properly. The main difference between a frameless double slider and a semi-frameless bypass slider is the frame around the perimeter of the opening and usually the thickness of glass. ⅜” for frameless and ¼” for semi. 

A typical bypass shower door (single-sliding frameless shower door) may still be possible without a metal frame depending on your shower.  

Large Glass Shower Enclosure

With wet-room-style bathrooms becoming more common, your shower project may be better suited to a glass enclosure. Frameless shower doors & enclosures are ideal for those who want a protective barrier in place to deflect water from the rest of the bathroom while still creating the illusion of space. Large glass shower enclosures are also well suited to steam rooms where the glass is sealed floor to ceiling.  

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Why Choose Us?

At GCS Glass & Mirror we offer affordable custom shower solutions to suit every budget and bathroom space. Our seamless glass shower doors are manufactured to the highest standards and expertly installed

We have years of experience in the glass shower doors industry and possess the skills and knowledge needed to deliver truly outstanding results. When you buy frameless shower doors from the team at GCS Glass & Mirror, you can be assured that your shower door installation will be handled with care. 

If you want to work with a leader in shower door installation that offers a wide range of options for your shower project, contact GCS Glass & Mirror today. 


What Is The Difference Between Semi-Frameless And Frameless Shower Doors?

Semi-frameless shower doors will still have some visible frame surrounding them but may also have some frameless edges. A fully frameless shower door is made using thicker glass and is specially installed with only hinges or sliders and some small safety fixtures – there is no metal frame at all.  

If you are unsure which style of shower door is best suited for your shower project, our friendly team is happy to help. 

Are Frameless Shower Doors Safe?

Absolutely. Shower glass whether frameless or within framed shower doors is made using tempered glass. Tempered glass is specially treated and is four times more durable than regular glass.

In the event of it shattering, the pieces will be small and without the sharp, jagged edges that standard glass produces upon breaking. Within the USA, federal code requires that all shower glass is tempered, so you can feel confident in your safety no matter the shower door style you choose for your shower project.  

How Do You Stop A Frameless Shower Door From Leaking?

When properly installed your frameless shower door should also be a leak-free frameless shower door. While not totally watertight (no shower door is – even fully framed glass shower doors can leak) your frameless shower door should not leak unless direct shower spray is aimed at the door opening.

This small opening can have a side seal fitted if a tighter closure is preferred. Our team can advise regarding these and other shower door products or shower finishings as required. 

How Much Do Frameless Shower Doors Cost?

The cost for frameless shower doors is usually more than traditional shower/framed shower doors. The exact cost for each shower project is varied and determined based on a number of factors. A basic frameless pivot shower door will of course be more affordable than dual frameless shower doors & enclosures.  

At GCS Glass & Mirror we are committed to providing affordable custom shower solutions for your shower project, no matter the size or complexity. From a walk-in shower screen, single-sliding frameless shower door, typical bypass shower door, and more we’re here to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. That includes helping you stay within your desired budget.