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East MLK, Austin, TX is an Excellent Residential Area

East Martin Luther King, or MLK, is a larger eastside neighborhood. It is rather far from downtown and known as being run down, but actually, it is gradually improving with newer, larger homes and townhouses being built in the area. There is ample green space in the neighborhood, which, along with the new construction, offsets the remoteness from central Austin and tends to drive up property values. Information can be found here.

Outdoor Paradise

But there is abundant green space. The Givens District Recreation Center has fields around it, and inside, the center has a gymnasium, a weight room, and a swimming pool that’s open in the summer. Also in the area are Springdale Park, J.J. Seabrook Park, and Morris-Williams Golf Course, one of the city’s favorite. Around E. 12th St. and the golf course, the north section of the neighborhood has steep hills. Read about Walnut Creek Business Park, Austin is a Thriving Community here.

About Housing 

Most upscale townhouses are located in the north section. The central section, just south of 12th St., has modest but charming houses on tree-lined streets. Residents tend to be friendly and show neighborly spirit, even though about half of the population is below the poverty line. Several local highways and major thoroughfares pass through the neighborhood, making it easier to commute to other parts of the city. Public transportation is readily accessible with multiple public bus routes.