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Glass Shower Door Options & Hardware

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So you have decided to install frameless glass panels for your shower. The next step is to select the frameless shower hardware and glass finish. While there is zero metal frame on the glass, frameless glass shower installations do require some fittings and fixtures to hold the glass panels safely in place. These fixtures also allow for the door to swing and be opened with ease.

At GCS Glass & Mirror we offer a huge array of hardware to close from, allowing you to select the right match for your design aesthetic. Equally, there are numerous possibilities with glass finishes – should a simple fixed screen clear panel not suit your shower plans, we can help with that too.

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Most Common Glass Types

Clear glass finish


Clear glass shower stalls are a classic and timeless option. Clear glass is ideal for bathrooms with stand-out tiling on the shower walls as the glass provides zero visual interference. Clear glass has a slight green tint and allows maximum natural light to flood your shower.

Frosted Glass Finish


Prefer a little more privacy when showering? The simple designs seen on frosted or satin glass are sandblasted on one side and kept smooth on the other to deliver a translucent finish. If opting for a frosted or satin finish on your shower project, keep in mind that the pitted surface can be harder to clean.

Rain Glass sample

Rain Texture

An alternative to frosted glass, rain glass has a raindrop pattern etched into its surface. Rain glass is preferred by design professionals in bathrooms that may feel a little too spacious with clear glass or when the shower stall is not designed to be a feature.

Starphire glass finish

Starphire Ultra Clear

Offering unmatched design freedom this glass is virtually invisible once installed. Perfect for those that want a suitable design alternative to the classic clear glass shower enclosure. Also known as low-iron glass, Starphire glass contains only 10% of the iron seen in other types of glass, this eliminates the greenish hue of standard shower glass.

Most Common Hardware Colors

Brushed Nickel Finish Hardware

Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel offers a similar classic look to your frameless shower enclosure as chrome, however, it has a silver, matte finish. The benefit of choosing brushed nickel is that it shows up watermarks and soap scum much less easily than chrome while also being a little more understated.

Matte Black Finish Hardware

Matte Black

Matte black hardware is a bold choice that works well in a shower environment that is monochromatic. Crisp white tiles paired with matte black hardware create a fresh space that will look great for years to come.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Hardware

Oil Rubbed Bronze

The warm tones of oil-rubbed bronze hardware can make your shower space feel a little more vintage and unique. While considered an outdated finish by some, it has been making a steady comeback of late.

Polished Brass Finish Hardware

Brushed Bronze

Brushed bronze hardware is garnering increasing popularity in contemporary design. This finish offers an exquisite hue, resembling champagne's effervescent warmth. The brushed technique makes the bronze subtly textured, creating an inviting modern, timeless aesthetic. Brushed bronze truly makes a statement with its charming blend of sophistication and rustic allure.

Polished Chrome Hardware

Polished Chrome

Simple, classic, and offering tremendous design flexibility, chrome fixtures can be used in all frameless shower applications. It has a shiny, silver appearance and is a common finish among plumbing fixtures. This allows for an easy match with other shower enclosure accessories and hardware such as taps and showerheads.

Satin Brass Finish

Satin Brass

Brass fixtures are the ideal design alternative for those wanting a touch of luxe in their shower door hardware. The matte gold look adds warmth to any bathroom and is easy to clean thanks to its satin finish.

Other Hardware Finishes


Ask about other finishes that will match your dream bathroom!

Most Common Hardware Types

All hardware is available in matching finishes, simply tailor the individual kit to your design preference and tastes.

Door hinge for shower door

Hinge Types

Choose from two styles of hinges – pivot hinge which fixes to both the top and bottom of the shower door or a side mount hinge which is similar to the hinges seen on household doors. Hinges usually have a built-in panel adjustment feature to make it easier to achieve the perfect fit.

Door handle for shower door

Handle Types

There are also multiple options for shower door handles, choose from a simple round or square knob or a classic pull. Pull handles are available as a ladder, crescent, square or d-pull style. Should you have a specific style in mind, please check with our team who will be happy to source it for you if we do not have it in stock.

Shower with clamping mounting

Clamp Mounting

Clamps, as their name suggests, work by clamping the glass in place. The clamps are securely fixed to the shower floor and walls.

Shower with channel mounting

Channel Mounting

Channel uses a single strip of metal in a u-shape channel that is the same length as the glass edge. This channel is secure to the walls and floor.

Why Choose Us For Your Frameless Glass Shower Installations?

At  GCS Glass & Mirror we have years of experience creating truly beautiful frameless glass showers and enclosures.

We expertly fit and finish your shower using high-quality hardware that is fully guaranteed. Tailor your shower door hardware to match the aesthetic of your bathroom and maximize the beauty of your custom glass panels.

For frameless glass shower installations that are affordable and deliver exceptional results, contact the team at GCS Glass & Mirror today.

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