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Glass Shower Doors Cherry Creek

At GCS Glass & Mirror, we custom build frameless shower doors and enclosures that will suit your bathroom needs. All of our custom glass shower doors at GCS Glass in Cherry Creek feature the finest tempered glass made and an elegant timeless design that provides a level of class and style that’s unmatched. Glass is cut with precision and conforms to the shower wall perfectly, leaving a gap-free professional look that’s timeless.

At GCS Glass & Mirror, we take pride in ensuring all of our installers are highly trained and professional. Our team is made up of true experts in their craft and they’re certified to install any type of glass shower door enclosure. Our quality workmanship, fine attention to detail, and excellent customer service are what keep our clients coming back.

The Benefits of Custom Shower Enclosures in Cherry Creek

A frameless shower door is the perfect complementary addition to any style of bathroom, featuring clean frameless lines, elegant craftsmanship, and a minimalist appearance that can be customized to match any shower style or shape.

Spacious Style

Much like an open floor plan in another living space in your home, installing a custom frameless door can open up your bathroom space and make it feel larger, enhancing the luxurious and spacious feel of the room.

A Low Maintenance Design

While the minimalist, clean look of a frameless shower door is a big selling point, the fact that these doors are much easier to clean and maintain is another reason they’re such as popular choice among homeowners, especially those who are tired of dealing with mildew and soap scum buildup, a common problem with framed shower enclosures.

An Affordable Update for Your Home

Say goodbye to your moldy shower curtain and hello to the instant elegance a frameless glass shower door offers.

At GCS  Glass & Mirror, we offer a wide range of custom shower doors that can increase the value of your home and update the look of your bathroom, instantly. Even if your bathroom is awkwardly shaped or small, a custom door is uniquely designed to fit any space. Updating your bathroom with a glass shower enclosure is an affordable way to add value to your home and improve your bathroom’s functionality.

Glass Shower Work Clear Glass Shower Door And Enclosure

We Can Help You Design the Bathroom of Your Dreams

When you decide to upgrade your bathroom with GCS Glass & Mirror, you’re only limited by your imagination. Our services for glass shower door installation allow you to create the bathroom you’ve always wanted, at a price that’s affordable. Our professional installers will guide you every step of the way, beginning with helping you choose a design that will suit your bathroom and your budget.


Before we begin the design and installation process, the first step is taking accurate measurements. Inaccurate measurements can result in costly installation delays. When you schedule an appointment with GCS, we can visit your home and take exact measurements that can prevent costly mistakes and ensure your shower door is installed on time. We can also provide an estimate for materials and installation.

When you expect the best shower enclosure installation, look no further than the team at GCS Glass & Mirror.

A More Functional Design 

One of the best benefits of a frameless shower door is that it can be opened in and out. Unlike a framed door, which is limited to an outward opening, a frameless door is more functional for daily use, which is what makes them a great choice for bathrooms of all sizes and shapes.

Clear Custom Glass Shower Framless

A Custom Look for Your Bathroom

Think of your shower as the heart of your bathroom. Not only is the shower where you spend a significant amount of time, but a shower also takes up the most space, which is why designing a functional and unique shower enclosure is key for every homeowner.

From the style and size of the glass enclosure to the fixtures, creating a shower that works for your family and your bathroom will require some major decision-making.

Frameless doors offer more options when it comes to size and style, especially when compared to a framed enclosure. Framed enclosures tend to appear constrained and dated. Additionally, frameless glass doors allow a homeowner to place more emphasis on other areas and fixtures in a bathroom.

Glass Types

Tempered glass is the only glass that’s permitted by law in showers. Also referred to as safety glass, tempered glass does not break into jagged pieces of glass, but instead breaks into small pebbles that are less dangerous.

We offer many types of tempered glass, including:


Clear glass is the most popular option for shower doors and offers the illusion of a much larger space.


Opaque or frosted glass offers the most privacy.


Rain glass features a distinctive pattern that looks just like rain, providing more privacy than clear glass. The rain pattern also helps to conceal fingerprints and watermarks, which also makes it low maintenance.

Other Services

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Custom Services for Glass Shower Doors in Cherry Creek

Our team of professionals will help you design and create a custom glass shower enclosure that will work with your bathroom needs, budget, and style.

From bi-fold shower doors to barn door sliders, we can do it all. When your remodeling plans include a glass shower enclosure, reach out to the experts at GCS Glass & Mirror, your choice for mirrors and custom frameless glass shower doors.  Contact us today to get a quote.

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