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Glass Shower Doors Spring Valley TX

If you’re designing a bathroom for your new home or you’re renovating your existing bathroom, and you have your heart set on a glass shower enclosure, you’ll need to determine what type of door will work best for your home. This can be a difficult decision for some homeowners in Spring Valley, TX, and the choices may seem limited, especially for those with smaller or oddly shaped bathrooms, however, frameless shower doors have become quite the trend with homeowners these days and there is no limit to what a qualified glass expert can do, in terms of creating a custom shower door that’s perfect for your unique bathroom’s shape and size.

Glass Shower Doors Spring Valley TX

If you’re considering ditching your old shower curtain or framed glass shower door and your bathroom is in desperate need of an upgrade, installing a new frameless shower glass door can be just what your bathroom needs to achieve that relaxing spa-like environment that’s very popular these days.

But before you take the plunge and choose a new glass shower door, here are some things you should consider:

What’s Your Budget?

Framed shower doors can be a better option if you’re on a tight budget, but if the reasons you want to make the switch to a frameless shower door include:

  • It will make your bathroom more functional
  • It can an add value to your home
  • You want to upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom

Then a frameless shower door is worth every penny.

Just keep in mind, because the glass used on a frameless shower door is significantly thicker than what you’ll find on outdated traditional framed models, the price will be a little higher.

Glass Shower Work Clear Glass Shower Door And Enclosure

Do You Need a Sliding Door?

If you need a sliding shower door, you’ll need an expert glass installer that can offer a custom design. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a stock sliding frameless shower door at your local home improvement store that will work as well as a custom model with your bathroom’s layout. Fortunately, with a custom shower door, you can still enjoy the beauty and elegance of the frameless design plus, the popular frameless barn slider glass doors or bypass doors feature the minimalist look that can add some modern appeal to your bathroom.

What Type of Look Do You Want to Achieve?

Frameless doors offer a more minimalist and contemporary look, while framed doors lean more toward traditional and classic. While the metal edging on a framed door tends to draw the eye away from the glasswork, a frameless door will show off any tilework within the shower and can actually make a smaller bathroom feel much larger.

Frameless Glass Shower - Large Custom

Have You had Issues with Mold or Leaks in the Past?

You can prevent mold or leaks, regardless of which type of door you choose, but the style of the door does influence which type of problem you’ll be more likely to have. A framed door has a better reputation of forming a seal, compared to a frameless, so it will be less likely to leak, however, if you have a custom door installed by an experienced glass installer, you can have a door that’s tailored to your bathroom’s specifications, which can also cut down on the likeliness of leaks.

On the other hand, framed shower doors tend to collect water since they’re made out of more than one piece and this can lead to a serious mold and mildew problem over time.

How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Cleaning Your Bathroom?

A frameless shower door is one piece, making it very easy to maintain and clean. Framed shower doors are more difficult to care for since the design consists of several pieces, which include areas where water can collect. If you want a shower that offers a low-maintenance design, then frameless will be a better choice. With a framed door, you will need to dedicate time to scrubbing the frame to remove any accumulated debris out of its corners.

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When designed and installed correctly, frameless shower doors can last a lifetime. Your choice of glass shower door will all boil down to what attributes you prioritize, how you want your bathroom to look and feel, and if you’re finally ready to upgrade your bathroom with the shower you’ve always dreamed of. To learn more about glass shower door installation, costs, and custom options available, contact the complete glass experts in North Houston at GCS Glass & Mirror today.

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