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Glass Shower Doors Pasadena

As bathroom designs become more sophisticated, options for glass shower doors in Pasadena increase. Glass enclosures are a popular option because they can help a smaller space look larger, while giving a bathroom a more modern look. If properly cared for, a glass shower can also be easier to maintain compared to other options. At GCS Glass & Mirror, we can help you choose the right glass shower door for your bathroom, one that will work well for your space, and a door that will complement your existing bathroom decor while instantly transforming your bathroom into the one you’ve always dreamed of.

We Offer an Extensive Selection of Shower Enclosures in Pasadena

If you’re designing a new bathroom, your first step is deciding on your shower’s design. Will the shower be a walk-in, part of a tub, or a stall? If you’re updating your bathroom and want to maintain the structure, the decision may be made for you. With a complete remodel, even if you decide to keep the shower in the same place, you’ll have more design options. We can help you choose the right custom shower enclosure based on your style, the available space, and your bathroom’s layout.

Glass Shower Work Clear Glass Shower Door And Enclosure

Frameless Shower Doors for Your Shower or Tub Enclosure

Before helping you choose the type of tub or shower enclosure that will work for your bathroom, we’ll come in and take precise measurements. Next, we can go over design options that will complement that size of space.

Once you’ve chosen the shower design, you’ll need to choose the style of your shower door. Frameless shower doors are our most popular option. Frameless shower doors tend to offer a cleaner, more modern look. In general, these heavy glass doors are easier to clean and maintain since water and soap won’t get trapped in the frame area.

Frameless Glass Shower - Large Custom

Shower Glass for Your Frameless Shower Enclosure

We offer an impressive inventory of glass for our high-quality shower doors, with many types of shower glass to choose from. Clear glass or traditional glass, will make your smaller bathroom feel larger. Patterned, textured, or frosted glass can provide more privacy and can also add unique style to the space.

The thickness of the glass used for custom shower doors will also need to be determined. How thick the glass should be will depend on several factors including the size of the shower and the type of shower door you choose.

Glass Walls For Your Shower

Glass walls for showers are a great way to bring in natural light. This, coupled with the fact that glass is easy to clean and maintain, makes it an ideal material for your shower.

Glass walls in a shower are the perfect way to create an airy, open space that feels modern and luxurious. You can’t help but feel like you’re bathing inside of a greenhouse or a tropical resort when you step into one of these showers. Glass is also easier to clean than tile and grout, which means your shower will always look its best.

A Professional Glass Shop You Can Trust ​

Your bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. Glass shower enclosures can make or break the accessibility and look of your bathroom. It’s also the best place to start when you’re beginning a bathroom remodel. Along with several details of your bathroom, the right enclosure can totally transform your space when the job is done right. At GCS Glass & Mirror we offer a wide selection of designs to choose from. We use premium glass and can customize your shower enclosure based on the design and specifications of your bathroom.

Whether you’re designing a small fixer-upper or a new master bathroom, your choices will boil down to practicality, budget, and personal style. Our glass contractors offer exceptional workmanship and customer service. We can go over the different types of shower enclosures available and their benefits, to help you choose the perfect shower door enclosure for your home, style, and budget.

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