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Iconic Landmarks in Aurora, CO

Explore the Landmarks in Aurora, CO

Like most towns, Aurora also features some crucial landmarks you may not want to miss. These areas possess a significant historical aspect of the city and feature some fun activities suitable for everyone. See more here.

Some of them include;  

Gully Homestead House

This tiny house is the oldest surviving home in Aurora. The ranch, house, stables, and corrals that made up the Gully family homestead, were originally located at Mississippi Avenue and Chambers Road, where the Irish immigrant family raised cattle and horses. The City of Aurora purchased the house and chicken coop, moving them to the current site and restoring the home in 1982. See here for information about Aurora, CO is a Historic Town.

Fuller House

This extraordinary example of Queen Anne Victorian architecture is one of the remaining ten original Fletcher homes. The house’s distinctive decorative elements, including the bar, circle trim, and fish-scale shingles on the front of the house, are well preserved and prominent. Other original features such as the rhyolite door and window sills are still in place.

Delaney Round Barn

Originally constructed as a grain silo, this round building was converted into a two-story cow barn around 1912. Possibly the last surviving round barn in Colorado, its exceptional construction and engineering are believed to be an itinerant carpenter’s work.