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Montopolis, Austin, TX is a Thriving Community

Montopolis is a low-income, mainly Latino neighborhood located very close to the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. It has suffered a reputation for being rundown and crime-infested. However, residents are starting to come together to try to improve the neighborhood. Also, with the tremendous growth in central Texas, the city of Austin is finalizing a master plan to upgrade east Austin, to include this neighborhood. Learn information about Austin, TX here.  

Fun Opportunities

The Montopolis Recreation Center and the park have a gymnasium, kitchen, boxing room, showers, dressing rooms, playscape, swimming pool, and playing field. Civitan Park has a swimming pool, playing field, playground, picnic tables, BBQ grills, and basketball and tennis courts. There is also the Montopolis Friendship Center, low-cost, volunteer-run daycare and community center. The Riverside Golf Course is adjacent to the neighborhood, and there are some barbecue and Mexican restaurants nearby. Discover facts about Del Valle, Texas is an Up-and-Coming Neighborhood.

Amazing Life

Today, the neighborhood of about 7,000 people is over 80 percent Latino, 10 percent African American, and seven percent Caucasian. With an average age of around 26, the population is younger than the city average. Median household income is about 40 percent below Austin’s average. About two-fifths of Montopolis residents are below the poverty line. Educational attainment is also below average for the city – over half of adult residents lack a high school diploma.