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Pros And Cons Of Putting Shower Glass Doors Over The Bathtub

Many designers have embraced the frameless shower glass door, due to its customizable design and minimalist style. By ditching the bulky metal hardware and heavy-duty frames of traditional shower doors, a frameless shower door can turn an outdated bathroom into the type of modern, and elegant, space that many homeowners are looking for.

An Affordable Upgrade that Can Add Value to Your Home 

Most homeowners know how expensive a bathroom shower remodel is. For many, that type of major remodel just doesn’t work with their budget. Unfortunately, many bathrooms have a very basic design, complete with the standard tub, toilet, and vanity. Oddly shaped bathrooms and smaller bathrooms make it even more difficult to come up with affordable ways to upgrade a bathroom, add more functionality, and move away from the basic bathroom designs of the 1990s.

Frameless glass shower doors can be the perfect solution. Adding a frameless shower door to your bathtub shower unit can change everything, especially if you’re tired of family members getting water all over the floor every time they take a shower. This is a common issue with shower curtains and it can end up seriously damaging your walls and your floors.

Aside from the variety of design options available, other pros of installing glass shower doors on your shower and tub combo include:

Prevents Serious Water Damage

This type of shower conversion can eliminate this potentially costly problem. While it’s still possible that family members will track some water when they get out of the shower, these doors are designed to create a seal between the outside and inside of the shower, so unless there’s an issue with a leak, the floor outside of your shower will remain dry.

Invest in Your Home 

Many family members spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom grooming and relaxing, so why not invest in your home and create an elegant and relaxing bathroom that you can escape to after a long day at the office?

This frameless style can provide the type of calming, relaxing environment that also opens up your bathroom, making it feel brighter and more luxurious. These glass shower doors are also a great option if you’ve already invested in beautiful tilework in your shower area and you want to show it off.

Endless Customization Options 

These doors are highly customizable, and allow you to choose hardware that will match the existing hardware in your bathroom. 

You can also choose the type of glass used for your shower enclosure, from clear and frosted glass doors to textured glass, such as rain glass. You can select the type of glass based on your privacy needs or what you feel would complement the look and feel of your bathroom.

Shower Doors that Fit Perfectly 

If you work with an experienced glass company, not only can you choose the glass and hardware, but glass contractors will come in and take accurate measurements of your tub and shower space, and help you choose the perfect shower door for your tub. Because the doors are custom-made, they’re a great choice for tubs of all sizes, so you can feel confident that your new shower doors will fit your tub perfectly. 

Heat Retention

Even a hot steamy bath can cool off quickly in the winter if all you have between you and the rest of the bathroom is an old shower curtain. Frameless shower doors retain heat, trapping it inside the enclosure, so you can enjoy a hot bath for as long as you like. 

Glass Shower Door Cons

We’ve highlighted the pros of having glass shower doors installed on your tub, now we’ll go over the cons, to help you make an informed decision.

Maintenance Needs

One of the biggest drawbacks for frameless shower doors is the maintenance requirements.

If you ignore the glass for days or weeks at a time, you’ll notice smudges and fingerprints galore. To avoid this, you and your family will need to get into the habit of wiping the glass down right after a shower. Most homeowners recommend keeping a squeegee in the shower to get the job done quickly.


With beautiful, clear glass comes a lack of privacy. While frosted glass and rain glass are good options, some homeowners will insist on clear glass and regret it once they realize it doesn’t offer much privacy in their busy household. 

Installation is Complicated

Installing frameless shower doors is very complicated. One small mistake, such as inaccurate measurements, can result in an ill-fitting shower door that leaks. If you do decide to have frameless shower doors installed on your tub, work with a reputable glass company that has experience designing and installing custom shower doors.

Contact GCS Glass & Mirror Today to Get a Free Quote

As you can see, the pros of having glass shower doors installed on your shower tub combo definitely outweigh the cons. If you’ve decided to take advantage of this modern bathroom trend, contact the team at GCS Glass and Mirror. We have extensive experience designing and installing glass doors on shower tub combos, so our design team can help you choose a style that will work beautifully for your bathroom. Contact us today for a free quote and let us help you modernize your bathroom and create the shower you’ve always dreamed of.

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