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St. John/Coronado Hills, Austin, TX is an Elite Suburban

Coronado Hills is a tranquil, suburban, family-friendly neighborhood bordered by several major local highways and thoroughfares. Although there are not many entertainment or shopping venues here, there are many restaurants. Some say the neighborhood lacks character, but it offers good-sized homes on relatively large lots and clean, well-maintained streets for reasonable prices. The proximity to major highways means commuting is not a problem. See more here.

Plenty of Dining Opportunities

There is not much in the way of nightlife or entertainment, but there are ample dining options. Besides fast-food chains and casual American restaurants like Denny’s and Chili’s, casual ethnic restaurants, including Cajun, Chinese, Korean BBQ, and Tex-Mex. South and west of the neighborhood are more Mexican and Tex-Mex places. Additionally, along I-35 to the west are many restaurants and stores. Read about University Hills and Windsor Park, Austin Are Affluent Communities here.

About Life

There are public bus stops in the neighborhood, but most residents find they need a vehicle to get to the rest of the city. Housing is very inexpensive here, well below the city average, making the neighborhood attractive to young families. There is not much green space or parks in the immediate vicinity; however, lot sizes are large, giving ample space for children and pets to roam. The population is mainly Hispanic and includes many families.