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West Oak Hill, Austin, TX is a Cost-Effective Community

One of the largest neighborhoods in Austin, West Oak Hill, is a long-established area at the famous “Y,” where Hwy. Two hundred ninety branches out from Hwy. 71 and changes from an elevated highway to a hill country thoroughfare. West Oak Hill is the western part of a large region that includes older forested homesites, newer master-planned communities, shops and strip malls, and many amenities. Click here for facts about Austin, TX.

Affordable Lifestyle

Famous for its affordability and proximity to highly ranked AISD schools, the West Oak Hill area has caught the attention of many Austinites looking to settle with their young families in an area that boasts more space than your average suburbia.  Still, people who want to stay close to nature and hear the coyotes at night can get a relatively large lot for a reasonable price. There are plenty of backroads in West Oak Hill leading through largely unpopulated wooded areas. Click here to read about Circle C Ranch, Austin, TX is a Master-Planned Community.

Family-Friendly Community

Residents consist mainly of couples and small families. The neighborhood is very kid-friendly, with pools, fields, quality schools, and summer camps in the area. Austin Community College has its Pinnacle Campus here. Families will find endless opportunities for them here. Although West Oak Hill is part of Austin, it very much retains its independent feel.