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4 Dumb Mistakes People Make When Buying a Frameless Shower Enclosure

A Bathroom of Your Dreams – Not Your Nightmares!

If you’re tired of your moldy shower curtain and you’re desperately looking for a cost-effective solution to your much-needed bathroom remodel, doing it yourself is not always the answer.

Maybe you’ve searched online and researched how to install a frameless glass shower door, watched videos on bathroom remodels, and feel confident that you can take on this type of project without any issues. But what you don’t know is that one simple, small mistake can end up costing you big. In fact, it takes years of practice to learn how to install frameless shower doors correctly, without causing gaps, a poor seal, or other issues that can result in water damage. Knowing which type of enclosure will work for your bathroom and which one won’t can be a big challenge, especially if you have no experience with this type of installation. 

Below, you’ll find some of the biggest mistakes many DIYers make when they buy frameless shower enclosures, so you can save yourself some time and a lot of money. 

Buying a Shower Enclosure at Your Local Home Improvement Store

When you purchase a shower enclosure from a home improvement store, you may feel confident in your purchase and happy that you saved yourself a little money, thinking installing a frameless shower door is going to be a simple process. The sad reality is that the enclosure is not going to fit your bathroom the way you hoped it would. 

Instead of purchasing an off-the-shelf model, you must have your shower enclosure custom-made. A standard-sized enclosure may also be a poor choice if you have an oddly shaped bathroom or a smaller space. Many people purchase these kits, thinking the job isn’t difficult, only to realize they’ve thrown their money away on a shower enclosure that won’t work for their bathroom.

Custom-made shower enclosures will fit your shower space perfectly, complete with a watertight seal, so you won’t run into issues such as gaps, poor seals, and puddles of water all over your floor whenever someone uses the shower. 

Choosing a Shower Enclosure Just Because it Looked Easy to Install

If you don’t have any shower door or shower enclosure installation experience, you’re just asking for problems. Many people are surprised to learn just how difficult installing a frameless shower door can be, the precise measurements and preparations required, and the careful planning that goes into this type of major project. Incorrectly installing a shower enclosure can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. This is a job that must be left to the pros.

Choosing the Wrong Type of Shower Door Design for Your Smaller Bathroom

One of the best things about a frameless shower door is the countless options available. The door and enclosure you choose should work well for your shower space and bathroom layout, and add functionality to your bathroom. Whether you have a uniquely shaped shower or a larger shower, you can find the perfect shower door type to work with your existing bathroom decor. 

Pivot or swinging shower doors are an excellent option for many bathrooms. However, if you have a smaller bathroom space, it can prove problematic. Yes, you can have the door open inward, instead of outward, but if you’re not careful, you can still bang the door against shower walls and fixtures. Swinging glass door showers just aren’t the best choice if you don’t have enough bathroom space. These glass doors need room to open freely. A swinging door in a smaller bathroom increases the risk of damage to the shower enclosure and the door. The best option is either a bypass or frameless sliding shower door.

Choosing a Design that’s too High Maintenance for You and Your Family

If you had your heart set on ultra-clear glass, or textured glass, but you and other family members don’t put in the effort to keep the glass clean, you’ll quickly find that your shower glass is covered in smudges and fingerprints. Textured glass can be difficult to clean because of the ridges, while ultra-clear glass will show every smudge, streak, and fingerprint. If you can’t commit to daily upkeep on your shower enclosure, opt for frosted glass or another lower maintenance option.

You Purchased the Wrong Type of Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom. Now What?

If you’ve made some or all of these mistakes, it’s time to throw in the towel. While it can be hard to admit that you need help to get the job done right, the bathroom is one space in the home that you don’t want to skimp on. If you’re having issues with a glass enclosure that leaks, your door isn’t sealing correctly, or you chose the wrong size, type, or style of door, now is the time to contact a professional glass shower door company. Every bathroom and shower is unique. This means you must have a shower enclosure custom-made. 

At GCS Glass and Mirror, our glass contractors can go out to your home to accurately measure your shower and bathroom space, and go over what options will work specifically for your bathroom. Our experienced and knowledgeable installation team will go above and beyond to help you find the perfect enclosure that will work perfectly for your shower space. 

When you work with us, you can feel confident that your bathroom remodel will go smoothly, and you’ll be left with custom glass shower doors and an enclosure that adds elegance and functionality to your bathroom. 

Contact GCS Glass & Mirror Today to Get a Free Quote

If you’re ready to let the pros handle this type of complex home improvement job, contact GCS Glass and Mirror today. We know how difficult and challenging glass shower enclosure installation can be and we’re here to help. Contact our office today to get a free quote and speak to one of our knowledgeable team members to learn how we can help you make your vision of the perfect shower enclosure a reality.

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