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How Do I Stop My Bathroom Mirror From Rusting?

Have you ever wondered why your bathroom mirror has started to rust? You no longer have to wonder because you’ve come to the right place.

Bathrooms are personal spaces in every home where people spend significant time getting ready each day. Homeowners often strive to improve their bathrooms by incorporating designs and unique textures to express their style and personalities.

Rust, however, can make using the bathroom unpleasant and uninviting for the homeowner. Even new bathroom mirrors can rust in a short amount of time due to their constant exposure to moisture, turning an ugly black and becoming unappealing. Rust is used to describe red iron oxides produced when ferrous metal corrodes.

In this article, we will discuss a few of the reasons you see rust on your bathroom mirror and how this can be avoided.

Causes of Bathroom Mirror Rusting

Mirrors are made of parts of metallic elements; when bathroom mirrors are exposed to constant moisture, they tend to rust. Cleaning product ingredients such as ammonia can also cause rust and mirror rot.
The sight of rust on your mirror can be very disappointing. Before we look at how you can prevent bathroom rust and save your mirror and the beauty it brings, let’s first learn the causes of rust in bathroom mirrors.

Excess Moisture in the Air

With time, you may notice that the mirror begins to rust and develops some dark spots. Excess moisture causes the silver backing to deteriorate, resulting in black spots. When water enters the bathroom mirror’s edges, they begin to corrode due to a chemical reaction of the silver nitrate, which provides a coating to the unit. Most bathrooms have chrome fixtures, and naturally, when the potent chemicals in them are exposed to water, Air, or cold, they shrink away due to rust which eats the layer of silver.

Mirror Rot or De-silvering

Mirror De-Silvering happens from repeated steam build up. The moisture penetrates the silver coating on the back of your mirror, causing it to separate from the mirror glass. Your mirror is constantly going through this common de-silvering problem.

Mirror de-silvering is also called mirror rot. You may notice black spots when you wipe the steam or water from your mirror. These black spots are typically on the mirror edge and have been growing for some time, usually unnoticed. This is what happens from repeated steam buildup.

Cleaning Products

A cleaning product can sometimes cause rust, so you should read the labels before purchasing any products, especially commercial cleaning solutions.
This is due to the presence of ammonia, which eats away at the seal between the glass, allowing moisture to penetrate and cause oxidation.

Pro Tip: Generally, the bathroom mirror is not so dirty. You only need to dip the microfilament cloth in warm water for a few seconds and then make a circular motion on the mirror surface to clean your illuminated bathroom mirror. If you prefer, you can also use another microfiber cloth (dry) to wipe the mirror clean after rubbing it with a wet cloth.

How to Prevent Your Bathroom Mirror from Rusting

As we’ve mentioned before, mirror rust can be disappointing as this rust eats away at your bathroom mirror, causing it to look unappealing. Abrasive cleaning equipment or materials are not recommended to clean an illuminated bathroom mirror. However, it would be best if you also tried to avoid using other materials, such as newspapers and paper towels, because the ink in newspapers often leaves dirt and residues, resulting in stripes on the mirror surface or glass. The problem with paper towels is that they may make your mirror clean, but they often leave small pieces of lint on the mirror’s surface, and you must clean it again anyway. In addition, paper towels are also a waste. It is best to use a microfiber cloth without lint to keep the mirror clean.

Here are a few suggestions for preventing wear and tear on your bathroom mirror.

Use Ammonia-Free Cleaning Products

Need some cleaning tricks? We highly recommend you read the labels on all your glass cleaner products. If you use cleaning liquid to clean your mirror, do not spray the liquid directly on the mirror, this liquid will run down the mirror seams and corners, ruining your gorgeous mirror. Spray the liquid onto a clean rag or a clean microfiber towel and wipe down your mirror.
Pro Tip: Do not use any harsh chemicals. Use Ammonia-Free cleaning solutions or homemade natural solutions that are safe for your bathroom mirror, as they are quality products

Always Keep the Mirror Dry

Always Keep your bathroom mirror and bathroom windows dry and fog-free all the time. After your long hot relaxing shower or bath, completely wipe your mirror dry. Another way to dry your mirror is to always open your door and windows. This stops the water vapor from forming, which causes the fog to blur your mirror.

Manage Your Bathroom Humidity Levels

Here are a few easy humidity control measures to keep your bathroom mirror dry and rust-free.
Ensure your bathroom has sufficient ventilation, especially during showers or other humidity surges. Open your windows and doors to allow the moisture to escape; use a dehumidifier. This can help remove water from your bathroom mirror and windows. Lastly, take time to wipe your bathroom after a shower. Wipe down mirrors, chrome finishes, etc.

Consider a Modern Copper-Free Mirror Upgrade

We have both good and bad news for you!

The bad news is that rust from water moisture will ruin your bathroom mirror. The good news is that bathroom mirror rust can be avoided! We strongly advise you to replace your bathroom mirror with a rust-free mirror. Anti-FogLED Mirrors, Rust Proof Mirrors, Moisture Resistant Mirrors, and other modern bathroom mirrors are examples. Modern mirrors can be custom-cut to fit your specific style and personality. A modern rust-free bathroom mirror is a bonus!

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