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Shower Layouts

single panel glass shower in bathroom
single panel shower

Frameless Glass Splash Panel

Fixed Glass Panel(s) With No Door

single door shower in bathroom
single door shower

Frameless Glass Shower Door

1 Single Frameless Glass Shower Door that can be hinged from either the left or right and swings both in and out.

door and panel shower in bathroom
door and panel shower

Glass Swing Door & Glass Panel

A frameless swing door with an adjacent inline stationary glass panel.

door and nib shower in bathroom
door and nib shower

Swing Door and Nib Glass Panel

We see this layout pretty often. A Nib wall is a half wall, usually next to the toilet to provide a little extra privacy with a small piece of glass on top of it. Frameless glass swing door with an adjacent in-line glass panel on top of the half wall.

single sliding door shower in bathroom
single sliding door bathroom

Sliding Barn Door Enclosure

At GCS Glass, we call a barn door slider the option when one of the glass panels is a stationary panel and the other panel is a horizontal sliding door. You can position your sliding glass shower door to open from the right or the left and put the adjacent stationary glass panel on the opposite side.

double slider door shower in bathroom
double slider door shower

Bypass Double Sliding Doors

You get the fully frameless look to keep your bathroom open and airy feeling, but the doors also slide past one another in either direction.

flat 90 degree shower in bathroom
flat 90 degree shower

90 Degree Corner Enclosure

A glass door hinged off of the wall with an adjacent inline glass panel attached with a sleeve over clamp to a 90-degree return panel of glass.

neo angle shower in bathroom
neo angle shower

Frameless Neo Angle Shower

Neo Angle showers can consist of 2 or more panels. Most of the time a 135 degree angle

door and notched panel shower in bathroom
door and notched panel shower

Door & Notched Inline Panel

1 Glass Swing Door & Stationary Glass Panel With a Notch Cut For A Bench Or Half Wall.

notch 90 degree shower in bathroom
notch 90 degree shower

Notched 90 Degree Shower Enclosure

1 Glass Door Hinged To Wall, 1 Glass Adjacent Panel with Notch Cut Out, & 1 Glass Return Panel.