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6 Beautiful Custom Mirror Ideas for Your Bathroom

6 Custom Mirror Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel 

Are you looking to remodel your bathroom? Do you have a custom bathroom mirror in mind to replace your current mirror? To some, bathroom mirrors fill a need; to others, bathroom mirrors are a piece of home decoration. Bathroom mirrors have a place in your home, whether you use them to ensure your tie is straight or add depth and natural light to your bathroom. 

We will provide you with a custom mirror that can increase the beauty of your bathroom while giving it a unique and sophisticated look. Your customized mirror can be cut to your exact measurements to fit perfectly in your home. We can make your vision a reality if you have it. Schedule a consultation appointment with us today!

In this article, we will share with you our favorite inspiring bathroom mirror ideas and some of the benefits of custom mirrors.

Backlit LED Mirror 

A Backlit LED Mirror works with LED lights sitting behind the mirror, outlining its perimeter and giving off a subtle but sufficient light with a relaxing glow. These mirrors are decorative bathroom mirrors and appear to serve a contemporary style. 

Installing a backlit bathroom mirror will provide you with both beautiful and functional lighting without the need for additional light fixtures. The warm glow will transform your bathroom into an inviting and relaxing space while giving you the functionality of a well-lit mirror. 

A backlit mirror works double duty, especially for a small bathroom space. Backlit mirrors are much more energy efficient as LED bulbs use less energy and last longer than incandescent light bulbs. A backlit mirror emits a soft, even glow, creating a calming modern ambiance in your bathroom. 

Custom Cut-Out Mirror 

Custom cut-out mirrors enhance your bathroom. These bathroom mirror designs are cut, etched, beveled, and adjusted to your exact specifications. They are a way to show your unique personal taste. Customizing your bathroom mirrors makes it easier for you to choose the shape, size, and style of your preference.

These custom mirrors can be cut in a variety of mirror shapes and sizes and will add that special touch to your bathroom space. For example, you can decide to have a large, frameless cut-out mirror, a wood-framed mirror, a rectangular mirror, or a simple mirror with an upscale style. A half-moon mirror or a metal wall mirror covering up your vanity wall are some unique designs you can consider.

Arch Mirror 

Arch mirrors are perfect for your bathroom mirror transformation. If you are searching for a new reflective mirror for your bathroom space, then the arched mirror is a trendy one for your bathroom space. 

Arch mirrors are simple ways to add drama to your bathroom. The arch creates the illusion of a higher ceiling, and the mirror opens up your bathroom. Your beautiful arched mirror will look fabulous over your bathroom counter space. Arch mirrors also are fantastic vanity mirror ideas for your modern bathroom. 

Helpful tip: There are several important factors to consider when hanging your arched mirrors. If you want to create a natural ambiance in your bathroom, try to position your arched mirror so that it’s near or opposite a window. 

Corner Vanity Mirrors 

Corner vanity mirrors are ideal for hanging horizontally above a double vanity in your bathroom. Your bathroom will transform with a corner vanity, creating a larger space, and a decorative corner vanity mirror will enhance your space. 

Your corner vanity mirror options are plenty to choose from. Our professional mirror cutter will assist you with your ideal mirror size that will fit perfectly over your corner vanity. Fill your bathroom with a sense of beauty and class with our corner vanity mirrors. 

Shelf Mirror 

Shelf mirrors are fancy bathroom mirrors. Remodel your bathroom to create the ideal and elegant space of your dreams. A bathroom shelf mirror brings class and modernization to your master bathroom or any bathroom in your home. Shelf bathroom mirrors are popular and trendy as they create extra storage space. 

Shelf mirrors beautifully display and reflect your mirror like a showcase for art. Decorative mirrors with shelves create extra storage space, and it is a convenient spot to stash your makeup, toiletries, or other trinkets. Shelf mirrors are ideal for any bathroom size as they add a sense of style, class, and sophistication. 

Barn Door Mirror 

Custom bathroom mirrors play an essential role in every mirror bathroom renovation. From the room, your guest uses your master bath that you and your significant other share. 

If you are looking for an incredibly unique look, you can’t do better than adding a barn door mirror to your powder room. Barn door mirrors provide beauty, add value to your home, and may also offer concealed storage. 

A barn door mirror also provides the perfect opportunity to feature your unique deco style, which is ideal for any bathroom wall. The thick, wood-framed farmhouse mirrors can be a better option for your bathroom wall.

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