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Common DIY Fixes for Frameless Shower Doors & When to Call the Pros

A frameless shower door can be a great upgrade for your bathroom, adding style and functionality. Despite their frameless design and the fact that they’re made out of glass, these doors are impressively durable. However, regardless of how careful you are and how well you maintain your frameless shower door, they can go through normal wear and tear with daily use, so you’re likely to run into issues at some point.

Shower Door Not Closing Properly? 3 Common Causes

Even if you did everything right, including paying close attention to maintenance and frequent cleaning, problems with your shower door can happen.

A frameless shower door that does not properly close is a common problem that can occur over time. There are some repairs you can handle yourself, and others that will require the skills and experience of a professional glass contractor. It can ultimately depend on the extent of damage and the underlying reason behind why it’s not closing.

Here are some common reasons why a frameless shower door is not closing correctly.

Loose Screw

One of the most common reasons why a shower door isn’t closing all the way is due to loose screws. Make sure you inspect the door closely and take a look at the screws, latches, handle, and hinges and tighten them as needed.

Slipping Hinges

A frameless shower door is made out of tempered glass and comes equipped with hinges that are designed to support the heavier weight of these doors. It’s pretty common for the hinges to require adjustment to correct alignment issues and ensure it operates smoothly. When hinges start slipping, it causes the door to hit the adjoining glass panel. A correct frameless shower door install won’t leave much room between the adjoining panel and the frameless shower door, so it won’t take much slippage to cause a shower door to begin hitting the panel next to it. In this case, a professional glass installer can make some simple adjustments

Rubber Bushing Needs to Be Replaced

If you had your door installed by a professional glass company, you must contact them to resolve this problem. The shower door’s glass panel is clamped into a hinge with a rubber bushing. Over time, rubber bushings will shrink, so the door must be adjusted. While it’s possible to adjust the door yourself, if you do, you’ll risk adjusting it incorrectly, or you may accidentally damage the glass panel. This is a job for professionals. Contact a glass repair technician from the glass company that installed the door and explain the situation.

Other Types of Frameless Glass Shower Door Issues

Below you’ll find other common issues you may encounter with a frameless glass shower door and what to do about them.

Scratches on Shower Door Glass

If your shower door has accumulated some serious scratches from everyday use, you may be tempted to fix this issue yourself, but these doors can easily become damaged if you use the wrong technique. A better solution is to contact the glass company that installed your door. A glass specialist knows the best way to handle the issue and can fill in any defects or buff out the scratches.

Shower Door Leaks

If you’ve noticed that your door is leaking each time you take a shower, this usually has something to do with the door’s seal. A glass contractor can take care of a leaky seal, make proper adjustments, and solve the problem quickly, before bathroom floor damage occurs.

Frameless Glass Door is Dragging

If you’re having trouble shutting your shower door and it’s dragging across your bathroom floor, the door may need to be adjusted. These doors are made out of tempered glass and come equipped with only a few hinges on one side. Adjusting the panes of glass properly is a two-man job and can be difficult if you don’t have any experience.

Shower Door Installation Mistakes

If you decided to purchase an off-the-shelf frameless glass shower door and installed it yourself, you may be running into a variety of issues from the get-go, from the door not sealing or closing correctly to the door dragging across your floor. Installing this type of door requires the services of a professional glass contractor.

The biggest issue here can also be a door that doesn’t fit your shower space properly. Every bathroom and shower are different, which is why it’s important to choose a glass company that creates custom shower doors. If you’re having issues with your off-the-shelf frameless shower door, contact the pros at GCS Glass and Mirror to learn about their custom shower door services.


Cost of Shower Door Replacement or Repairs

If you’ve decided to have a professional address your repair issues, or you want to replace your old door and opt for a custom shower enclosure, the cost can vary and depend on many factors. To get a better idea of how much you can anticipate paying for repairs or shower door prices, contact professional glass installers for more information regarding the average cost for shower door replacement.

Many glass companies that install custom doors offer a variety of options for your shower replacement, including:

  • Bi-fold shower doors
  • Neo-angle style shower doors
  • Glass shower enclosures
  • Custom frameless shower doors

And other common styles.

Shower door companies will base service prices off:

  • The type of shower door
  • Labor costs
  • The complexity of the job
  • Materials used
  • Additional cost for glass type
  • Shower door coatings, such as anti-glare coating, antimicrobial coating, anti-spot coating

And more.

Keep in mind, not all glass companies offer the same services, carry the same type of shower doors and coatings, or offer repair services. In many cases, the company that installed your shower door may offer certain services, such as shower hinge adjustments, but not glass repair.

Contact the Shower Door Experts at GCS Glass & Mirror

A beautiful glass shower door can instantly transform your bathroom and give it the elegance and spa-like environment that most people are looking for, but these doors do experience wear and tear over time. While there are some simple fixes for a door that doesn’t shut all the way, in most cases, any repairs or adjustments needed for a frameless glass shower door are best left to the professionals. If you have a question concerning your frameless glass shower door, you’re having issues with your door closing all the way, or you’re interested in having a new custom shower door installed, contact the team at GCS Glass and Mirror today.

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