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High End Glass Shower

High End Glass Shower Doors

Is your shower curtain out of style?

Any bathroom can be dressed up with a pop of color from a new shower curtain if that’s all your budget can afford, but is it really as elegant or classy as a custom glass shower door?

In smaller bathrooms with a bathtub, a glass bath enclosure can really help open up the room and make it seem bigger.

If you have a large master bathroom, a custom glass shower and shower door is the ultimate show stopper to give your space a true WOW factor.

The options are pretty limitless with a lot of technologies out there these days.

We can use smart glass (which I go into detail about in a previous blog post) to give you the open classic look yet with the flip of a switch, give you complete privacy. Smart glass can go from transparent to opaque or dark grey within the flip of a switch or even be synced with your voice through Amazon Alexa or Apple’s Siri.

You have the options of enclosing your shower completely in glass, creating a steam shower to keep in the moisture but create a stunning look with clean lines. This is a very popular option in a lot of high end homes we’ve worked in over the past few years.

One of my favorite new technology options is Mprint decorative glass which works as beautiful shower glass to give you a design centric look and feel.

Dip Tech has a patent for a special ceramic ink that is printed into the glass during the tempering process. It keeps the integrity of the glass up to par compared to sandblasting.

I’ll be writing and discussing a lot about this product on our podcast and videos in the very near future because my Nostradamus-like senses predict that this will be a big product in the Design-Build world in the years to come.

One of our vendors (Waterfall Bath Enclosures out of Carrollton, TX) has a heavy glass frameless slider that they call the “Waterslide” that is stunning.

The most common hardware colors are oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and stainless; but you can have them powder coated to about any color imaginable if you have a custom design or color scheme.

The manufactures have a standard height of 74″ and 80″ but you can customize the height to any size that you need for your shower design.

For those of you that are on Houzz you’ve seen the farmhouse style shower enclosures that are popular by designer’s right now.

Personally, I really like the style but I’m curious to how long it will be in around. Either way I’m digging it in 2018 and I live in the now.

Just know there are so many more options than just the shower curtain from Walmart. You can make your neighbors and friends envious by installing a beautiful heavy glass shower no matter what design option you choose.

If you live near a GCS Glass & Mirror Location We can install it for you. If you think that you can measure and install it yourself we will supply the glass for you.

If you have any questions or just want to talk design ideas follow us on Houzz Contact us here
Don’t be shy. I look forward to connecting and hopefully working with you.

I will be posting a new blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday either about our products and services or the ups and downs of scaling GCS to being the best glass company in USA .

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