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Custom Shower Glass Panel & Enclosures

If you are dreaming of installing frameless glass shower doors in your bathroom but are concerned they may not work with your bathroom space, you need GCS Glass & Mirror. Our custom glass shower doors are made to the precise measurements of your shower at an affordable price. Ensuring you can have the bathroom you envisage with perfectly fitted glass shower panels without compromising on quality or your budget.

Why Choose Custom Frameless Glass Shower Doors?

While it is possible to purchase and fit mass-produced standard-size shower doors, they are not going to have the same visual impact or perfect fit as custom-made ones. Rather than try to modify a standard door to fit, or fill unwanted gaps with ugly silicone that will attract mold and mildew, choose a frameless shower enclosure that is made to fit. Your bathroom will look better and you’ll avoid issues with shower door leaks down the track. 

Opting for custom-made also gives you more glass shower options and shower configurations. Choose from pivot shower panels, complete shower door enclosures, simple frameless glass shower doors, sliding shower doors, and more.  

Custom Shower Glass Options We Can Assist With

We offer a wide range of beautiful glass shower doors made to suit every bathroom space. 

Shower Door & Panel

Frameless shower doors and fixed shower panels for walk-in showers are made easy with custom glass. Create a simple but effective barrier to water in your shower space and skip the cleaning hassle of a framed shower door. 

Door & Nib

Do you have a tiled nib wall separating your vanity from your shower? This is the perfect situation to install a custom glass frameless shower panel. Our team will expertly measure and fit the panel for a seamless and sleek shower enclosure. 

Door & Notched Panel

Selected wall tiles with a unique profile and now having issues finding a suitable fit of shower door or side panels? We offer notched panels and frameless doors that are expertly cut to accommodate the tile and offer a seamless, waterproof joint. We also offer these options for showers requiring a custom fit to accommodate a return in addition to the door and notched panel. 

Splash Panel

Prefer to walk into your shower and have no door at all? You will still require a splash barrier and if a shower curtain doesn’t appeal, then a single shower glass panel is the answer. Expertly installed to align with the hob and wall, splash panels are both effective and hygienic. 

Tub Enclosure

Do you have a combined bath/shower set up and hate the idea of a shower curtain? A tub enclosure is a simple solution. Fixed to the wall and lip of the bathtub, a tub enclosure is easy to clean and avoids issues with mold or mildew that a shower curtain can cause. 

Neo-angle Shower

The classic diamond shape of a neo-angle shower is best executed through the use of custom glass panels and skilled installation. While framed neo-angle shower panels are outdated, frameless ones are truly beautiful. 

90 Degree Corner Shower 

If you have a corner shower, rather than make the entire shower space feel small and closed in with framed panels, opt for a custom frameless corner shower kit. Frameless shower doors & enclosures make the space feel bigger and allow natural light to flood the space. 

Steam Showers

Opting for frameless shower doors on your steam shower adds a sleek, elegant finish. When installed by the professionals at GCS Glass & Mirror, your glass shower enclosure will offer superior protection for your bathroom from the effects of the steam. 

Custom Glass Shower Walls

For a simple, fresh, and easy-to-clean option, consider using custom glass panels for your shower walls in place of tiles. Glass walls are easy to clean, are durable, and create an effective moisture barrier. 

Other Services

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Why Choose Us?

At GCS Glass & Mirror we offer affordable custom shower fit-outs that help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams. Our skill in delivering and expertly fitting frameless shower doors & enclosures comes from years of experience in the industry.

We love helping homeowners create beautifully appointed bathrooms with the perfect glass shower. No matter the size or complexity of the job, we are here to help.

For affordable custom shower options and outstanding customer service, contact the experts at GCS Glass & Mirror today.


What Type Of Glass Is Used For Glass Shower Door Panels?

Tempered glass is used for all glass shower door panels as required by federal regulations. This ensures that should the glass shatter, it breaks into small pieces without sharp, jagged edges. All our custom glass panels are made using tempered glass, even frosted shower doors. 

How Much Does A Custom Glass Shower Cost?

The cost of a custom glass shower will vary depending on the specifics of what your shower requires. The best way to know exactly what your custom shower screens or panels will cost is to speak with our friendly team and secure an obligation free quote. 

Do You Offer Other Shower Configurations?

Yes! Should you not see a custom option here that suits your needs or vision, let us know. We are more than happy to review your plans and work with you to find a solution. Additionally, if custom frameless shower glass isn’t what you’re after, we also offer sliding shower doors and semi-frameless shower door options among others.