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European Frameless Glass Shower Doors: Everything You Should Know

When you walk into your bathroom, one of the first things you notice is the shower. You spend a lot of time in it, especially during your daily shower routine. As a result, you’ll want to ensure that your shower meets your needs and complements the rest of your space. Shower design should be considered when installing your shower for the first time or remodeling your bathroom for maximum benefits and enjoyment.

European shower doors, also known as frameless glass shower doors, have been available for more than four decades. According to research, European shower doors first gained popularity around the country in the late 1990s.

Frameless shower doors are made with thick heavy tempered safety glass and feature minimal framework and extra heavy hinging to hold the door together. They are considered frameless as they have no surrounding metal frame or rubber interrupting and shrinking your bathroom and are hung only using hinges. On the other hand, framed shower doors are the opposite; they incorporate a lot of metal framing.

When reselling your home, adding frameless shower glass doors will elevate the property’s overall appearance.

What are European Shower Doors

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom shower with a sleek, modern glassed-in shower, then consider European shower doors. Glass shower doors are all about minimalism in terms of style and design. Having one in your bathroom will improve its appearance.

Euro shower doors are European-Inspired, luxurious custom shower doors. These beautiful glass shower doors, which are now becoming hugely popular in the United States, are known for their luxury, class, and style. Their lack of frame brings an impression of openness into your bathroom, a crucial design feature today.

Advantages of European Shower Doors

1. Frameless shower doors provide a grand celebrity-like look to your bathroom

Nothing is more impressive in your master bathroom than a frameless shower door over a trendy walk-in shower design like a white tile shower or a shower with bench installed. These great bathroom looks can only be achieved with frameless enclosures.

2. Frameless shower doors can be customized

Consider renovating your original shower or master bath with a fabulous makeover with custom glass showers (they come in pre-cut sizes or custom sizes). Glass shower installers can give you the European shower enclosure customized to fit any size or space.

3. Frameless doors are easier to clean

What’s not to love about a squeaky-clean shower? Frameless shower enclosures have minimal mold or mildew as there are no hidden areas like you’d find on a metal framed shower door, making them easy to clean.

4. Frameless glass creates an open-spa atmosphere in your bathroom

Your stunning Euro-style shower enclosure magnifies all of the elements in your bathroom. Natural light reflections, attractive rain shower heads, and decorative shower tiles are all good ideas. Simply lighting a candle in your bathroom will allow you to create your very own private day spa atmosphere.

European Shower Door Design Types

As we mentioned before. Frameless shower doors come in pre-cut sizes, custom sizes, and shapes. Before you decide on your European-inspired luxurious shower door design and type, we suggest you seek expert advice from shower installers, as there are many to choose from. We’ve listed a few types below; visit our showroom, and we will assist you.

1. Leak-free Euro-Style shower door designs

These leak-free European-style glass shower enclosures are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. They create a sense of openness, making your bathroom appear very high-end which is an important design feature today.

2. European Slider Shower

Sliding shower enclosures are sure to impress. These shower doors are the best for small bathrooms or your custom tub shower. They consist of two or three panels that slide along each other on tracks. These require no floor space for opening the door.

3. Steam Shower Doors

A steam shower door is designed to help a shower stall double as a steam room. The shower door must fit tightly from floor to ceiling and along the sides to keep the steam in. The hinges are designed to be airtight to prevent steam from escaping. These doors come with movable panels.

Are Frameless Glass Shower Doors perfect for your bathroom?

Showers are an essential part of most bathrooms; aside from raising your home value, they also increase the function of your bathroom. Instead of shower curtains, many homeowners choose shower doors, or better yet, frameless shower doors, to enhance the look of their bathrooms.

Although there are many styles and configurations, they typically fall into two categories: framed and frameless glass. European Frameless glass shower doors are a good fit for you because they increase your home’s resale value, are a brighter and more open option for your bathroom, draw more attention to your tile work, are a more modern look, and require less maintenance.

Contact GCS Glass & Mirror For Custom Glass Door Installation

Contact GCS Glass and Mirror today for a free quote or to set up an appointment for a shower door replacement and to begin designing your custom shower door and enclosure. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in designing a custom frameless shower door and enclosure that will instantly upgrade your outdated bathroom and transform it into the type of beautiful, modern bathroom you’ve always desired.