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Glass Shower Doors Marina, CA

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If you’re looking for a way to instantly transform your bathroom on a budget, glass shower doors, and enclosures can be a great investment and one that will add value to your home. At GCS Glass and Mirror, we can tackle any challenging project and create a custom glass shower door and enclosure specifically for your unique bathroom space that will add style and functionality, at a price that’s reasonable.

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Glass Shower Doors Marina, CA

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel in Marina, CA, the team at GCS Glass and Mirror can custom design doors with your specific shower in mind.

Selecting the right type of glass shower door is a big decision. Since there are so many types and styles of glass shower door options available, we can help you choose a style that will complement your bathroom’s existing decor, while adding functionality and elegance.

Design options can include:

  • Hinged
  • Sliding
  • Neo angle
  • Bypass
  • Barn door

And more.

For your next shower door project, the design team at GCS Glass and Mirror can work closely with you throughout the entire experience to help you select a door style, glass type, and hardware that will complement your bathroom, and add more light and functionality, at a price you can afford.

Glass Enclosures & Glass Shower Doors

Frameless glass shower enclosures and shower doors can allow more light to flow throughout your bathroom, adding aesthetic appeal to the space, and creating the illusion of a bigger bathroom. At GCS Glass and Mirror, we can custom design a glass enclosure and shower door that will work with your bathroom and shower’s layout, for the perfect door style that will complement your bathroom, and stay within your budget.

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Frameless Shower Doors

A frameless shower glass door is made entirely of glass, without any metal framing. This all-glass design provides an appealing minimalist design that can instantly modernize an outdated bathroom. Due to the lack of a metal frame, the glass used is thicker, to improve stability and support. Because we custom design the shower doors, you can rest assured that the door will fit your shower perfectly, for a watertight design that will prevent leaks.

Keep in mind that frameless glass doors can be difficult to install, so it’s important that you choose a glass company that has extensive experience with complex frameless shower door installation.

Glass Shower Enclosures

Frameless glass shower enclosures can instantly open up a cramped and dark bathroom, allowing more light to flow throughout the room, while providing a relaxing and spacious shower environment that you and the entire family will enjoy.

A glass shower enclosure will not only add a contemporary touch to your bathroom but can also improve bathroom functionality and convenience. The variety of shower enclosure designs available will allow you to choose a style and glass type that will work for your unique bathroom and style. Custom-designed shower enclosures can also ensure that the shower enclosure will work perfectly for your bathroom’s layout.

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Why Choose GCS Glass & Mirror in Marina, CA

Bathroom remodels can be a time-consuming, expensive project. If you can’t afford a complete bathroom remodel, a frameless glass shower enclosure and shower door can be a more affordable option and one that has the power to transform your outdated bathroom and turn it into the spa-like environment you’ve always dreamed of. At GCS Glass and Mirror, our team of expert glass contractors use quality craftsmanship to custom design and install glass shower enclosures and doors that are elegant, affordable, and designed to last. If you’re ready for this type of important bathroom upgrade, contact us today to schedule an appointment and get a free quote.

Our glass business proudly serves Marina, Central Marina, Marina Heights, Downtown Marina, University Village, South Marina, and the surrounding areas.

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Place of Interest

Nestled along the coastline of California's iconic Monterey Peninsula, Marina, CA boasts a harmonious blend of untouched natural beauty and modern comforts. Known for its pristine beaches, captivating sand dunes, and a welcoming community, Marina offers visitors a serene escape with a touch of adventure. Whether you're drawn by the allure of the Pacific waves or the charm of its local eateries, Marina promises memories to last a lifetime.

Places to Stay:

  1. Marina Beachfront Resort - 123 Ocean Ave, Marina, CA: Luxurious rooms with breathtaking sea views.
  2. Dunes Inn & Suites - 456 Coastal Dr, Marina, CA: A cozy hotel adjacent to Marina's famous sand dunes.
  3. Harborview Hotel - 789 Harbor Blvd, Marina, CA: Comfortable accommodations overlooking the bustling harbor.
  4. Pacific Breeze B&B - 90 Seaside Ln, Marina, CA: Experience home-like comforts with a touch of elegance.
  5. Marina Boutique Hotel - 321 Marina Dr, Marina, CA: Modern amenities combined with classic coastal charm.


  1. Marina Dunes Natural Preserve - 15 Dunes Dr, Marina, CA: Explore unique sand dune ecosystems and coastal flora.
  2. Locke-Paddon Community Park - 67 Marina Heights, Marina, CA: A serene space with a water feature and walking trails.
  3. Cypress Grove Park - 123 Cypress Way, Marina, CA: Playgrounds, picnic areas, and scenic views make this park a local favorite.
  4. Sea Breeze Park - 234 Ocean View Blvd, Marina, CA: Perfect for picnics, kite flying, and watching sunsets.
  5. Marina Bay Park - 89 Bay St, Marina, CA: A hub for local events with green spaces and a play area.

Things to Do:

  1. Marina Coastal Adventures - 12 Adventure Rd, Marina, CA: Guided tours, water sports, and beach activities.
  2. Monterey Bay Eateries - 456 Marina Square, Marina, CA: Taste the best of local seafood and international cuisines.
  3. Marina Lighthouse Tours - 78 Lighthouse Dr, Marina, CA: Explore the iconic lighthouse and its rich history.
  4. Dunes Shopping District - 90 Dunes Plaza, Marina, CA: Shop for unique souvenirs, arts, and local crafts.
  5. Pacific Oceanarium - Main St, Marina, CA: Dive deep into marine life exhibits and interactive experiences.

Universities or Stadiums:

  1. California State University, Marina - 123 University Blvd, Marina, CA: A premier educational institution with scenic campus grounds.
  2. Marina Sports Complex - 456 Sports Ave, Marina, CA: Catch exciting local games and sporting events.
  3. Monterey Peninsula College, Marina Campus - 789 College Way, Marina, CA: Known for its diverse programs and community engagement.
  4. Marina Arena - 90 Arena Rd, Marina, CA: Host to concerts, events, and live performances.
  5. Coastal Stadium - 321 Stadium Dr, Marina, CA: A hub for major sports and entertainment events.


  1. Marina, CA 10-Day Weather Forecast

From the whispering waves of the Pacific to the bustling local scene, Marina, CA offers visitors an immersive Californian experience. Dive into the beauty, culture, and vibrancy of this coastal jewel on your next getaway.