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Glass Shower Doors Patchogue, NY

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A beautiful glass shower door conveys a new level of sophistication and elegance to any type of bathroom space. Glass shower doors can create a sense of openness in bathrooms that may be space-restricted and cramped, or bathrooms with poor lighting. These doors are also easier to clean and maintain compared to traditional framed shower doors of the past. These are just a few reasons why many homeowners in Patchogue, NY who are planning bathroom renovations are choosing frameless glass shower doors over the outdated framed shower enclosures of the past. But there are many factors to consider before you decide on the type of glass shower enclosure to install your bathroom.

Custom Glass Shower Doors Patchogue NY

Installing a new precision shower door and enclosure in your bathroom allows you to enjoy a spa-like environment that’s customized to your needs. Additionally, a frameless shower enclosure can also make your bathroom more functional for you and the whole family.

There are many benefits that come with installing a frameless glass shower door in Patchogue NY, however, there are some things you should consider before you invest in your bathroom.

90 Degree shower layout in a bathroom

Frameless Shower Door Styles Patchogue, NY

Custom shower doors are available in several styles and design options, so before choosing a new door, you must consider how each type of door will function in the available bathroom space in your home. If you have a larger bathroom with plenty of space, double doors offer ease of entry and the best access. However, for a smaller bathroom, a single door is a more reasonable choice.

Custom Shower Enclosures Patchogue, NY 

A frameless custom frameless shower enclosure needs to be mounted to a wall, so you’ll need to work with an experienced glass contractor to ensure that the wall you’ve chosen for mounting can handle the added weight of the door. A wall that has a minimum of two studs can make sure that it can stand up to the added stress of supporting the door and the surrounding glass shower enclosure panels.

Shower Door Installation Patchogue, NY

When installing a frameless shower door and enclosure in Patchogue, NY, you need to consider the space you’re enclosing. Some homeowners prefer a corner configuration that creates a triangular shape with two sides of the enclosure formed by walls and one side made of glass, while other homeowners prefer a squared-off box-shaped enclosure with walls that represent one to two sides of the shower and the frameless glass panels represent the other two-three sides. Regardless of the shape and size of the shower door and shower door enclosure you choose, you need to work with an experienced glass expert who can take accurate measurements to determine how many glass panels will be needed to complete the enclosure. They will also ensure that the angles are all either 90, 135, or 180 degrees. Most connectors only come in those three orientations, so the angles of the shower must correspond.

Frameless Shower layout with 90 degree shower enclosure

Why Choose GCS Glass?

If you’re in the market for custom glass shower doors, make sure you give some thought to the factors covered here before you move forward with the installation process. Of course, the glass contractors and the design team at GCS Glass are happy to discuss the many style options available and can help you choose the perfect shower door and glass enclosure that will work well for your home, your family, and your budget. If you’re interested in learning more about our popular frameless glass shower doors, contact our office today to speak to one of our experienced and knowledgeable team members for an instant quote and let us help you modernize your shower and create the perfect bathroom retreat for your home.

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Place of Interest

Patchogue, New York, is a vibrant village located on the south shore of Long Island. Known for its lively downtown area, rich arts scene, and beautiful waterfront, Patchogue offers a unique blend of suburban living and metropolitan amenities.

Patchogue's Main Street is the heart of the village, bustling with various shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The downtown area has something for everyone, from boutique shops and art galleries to craft breweries and gourmet restaurants. The Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts, a renovated historic venue, hosts a variety of performances, including concerts, theatrical productions, and comedy shows.

The city offers several waterfront attractions located on the Great South Bay banks. The Shorefront Park, with its pavilion and band shell, hosts concerts and festivals throughout the year. The Patchogue River, flowing through the village, is lined with marinas and restaurants, making it a popular boating destination.

The city is also home to the Fire Island National Seashore's Patchogue Ferry, which provides access to the beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and lighthouse of Fire Island. The Watch Hill Ferry Terminal in Patchogue offers ferries to the Watch Hill area of Fire Island, which features a marina, campground, and a lifeguarded beach.

Arts on Terry, an annual art fair hosted in Patchogue, showcases the work of local artists and features live performances and interactive art installations. The Patchogue Arts Council organizes the event and hosts exhibitions, screenings, and performances throughout the year.

The Greater Patchogue Historical Society hosts walking tours and lectures, preserving the area's rich history. The Roe House, one of the oldest buildings in Patchogue, is maintained by the historical society and can be visited during special events.

When it comes to dining, the city offers a variety of options, from seafood shacks and upscale restaurants to international cuisine. The BrickHouse Brewery, Long Island's oldest brewpub, is a local favorite, offering a selection of craft beers and a diverse food menu.

In conclusion, Patchogue, New York, is a vibrant and welcoming community that blends the tranquility of suburban living with a rich cultural scene and waterfront charm. Whether exploring downtown, enjoying the arts, or relaxing by the water, Patchogue offers an inviting and dynamic atmosphere.

Local Parks

  • Patchogue Recreation Department which is on 15A Jennings Avenue.
  • Community Gardens which is on 101 South Ocean Avenue, Bayport.
  • Father Tortora Park which is on Patchogue.
  • Belzak Park which is on Lakeland Avenue.

Local Museums

  • Garden club which is on 12 South Ocean Avenue.
  • Patchogue Arts Council | MoCA L.I – Museum of Contemporary Art Long Island which is on 20 Terry Street Suite 116.

Local Weather