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Top Tips & Trends When Choosing a Custom Mirror

Things to Consider While Buying and Installing Bathroom Mirrors

Are you updating your bathroom and looking for the top bathroom mirror trends and tips?

Many people do not give their bathroom mirrors any special consideration. A bathroom mirror renovation not only makes everyday grooming easy but also brings your personal style, adding flair and enhancing your interior space. That is why the ideal mirror for your bathroom is crucial! If you are looking to improve your bathroom space with a custom mirror, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we will explore different types of bathroom mirror options to illuminate your bathroom design. We will also give you top tips & trends to help you to choose the perfect custom mirror of your liking.  Read on!

Circular Style 

Circular mirrors, commonly known as round mirrors, are popular and continue to dominate in showrooms and bathrooms across America. These circular-style mirrors are trendy because they tend to have more surface area than the other shapes, reflecting light naturally around the bathroom and offering a lot of reflective surfaces for you to benefit from.

Perfect circles are an unusual shape for mirrors, with most coming in a square, rectangular, or even oblong shapes, and this is why the circular design catches the eye. A circular style mirror also contrasts the usually hard lines of a bathroom, as they’ll go a long way to softening up your bathroom design.

Circular mirrors won’t take away from your bathroom design but will add to it.

Curved Edges 

The curved mirror is a perfect piece that helps create a touch of glam, class, and warmth in your bathroom.  You will love the gorgeous mirror abstract shape and the uniqueness it will bring to your bathroom space. This mirror is ideal for your guest and master bathroom and will make your room look very elegant. 

The best way to customize your curved-edged mirror is to use a wood substrate frame with beveled edges. Curved edge mirrors are trendy for any bathroom space and can be hung horizontally or vertically.

Geo Forms 

Though todays popular bathroom mirrors are primarily installed to serve a daily purpose while helping you get ready for the day, when it comes to savvy bathroom mirror ideas that are certain to add charm to even the most basic of spaces, no matter how small, a unique shape will punctuate it in style. The geo form is a perfect bathroom mirror for space enhancement.

If you’re on the hunt for stunning decorative bathroom mirrors, we suggest geo-form mirror shapes to bring your vision to life. Geometric-style mirrors have been a top design trend for multiple seasons and don’t show signs of slowing down. Geo-form mirrors are perfect for your modern bathroom and enhance your wall space.


When it comes to beneficial bathroom mirrors that are aesthetically pleasing, and if you’ve got the space, we always suggest going for the full-length mirror.  Full-length mirrors have the right trendy look to match your style and are great alternatives to wall mirrors.

Full-length mirrors, also known as cheval glass mirrors, can rotate within the frame. Every morning, a person of average height can look in the mirror and see their outfit choice for the day with the full-length mirror. These floor mirrors can be custom-made to your liking and are the trendiest bathroom mirror ideas. 

Helpful Tip:  Two identical full-length mirrors positioned in the corner of your bathroom at right angles effectively give you an almost 360-degree view so you can dress confidently for your day. 

Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors make the ultimate statement as a focal point in your bathroom. These ceiling wall mirrors can be frameless mirrors or framed mirrors.  Floor-to-ceiling mirrors open up spaces and add a touch of glamor to your bathroom. These gorgeous mirrors reflect light, your bathroom will look brighter, and they help in conserving energy by reflecting light. 

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors walls with mirrors.  Contrary to popular belief, mirrored walls are not outdated, but they are trendy and unique giant mirrors that are often times favored by anyone, including the tallest person. 

Framed in Stone, Steal or Aluminum 

Mirrors are becoming an important part of the domestic decor for bathrooms; the trendy mirrors have made them a crucial piece for interior decorators.

Mirrors framed in stone, steel, or aluminum custom mirrors that are visually appealing but robust and made to embellish your bathroom. These mirrors can be placed on your bathroom wall space or above your bathroom sinks or counters space. They add elegance and functionality to your bathroom.

These custom mirrors are trendy and unique. Create a statement by remodeling your bathroom with this stylish touch. 

Wrap Around the Room

Small bathrooms give the illusion of more space with a well-placed wrap-around the room mirror. These wrap-around mirrors can be accented with marble subway tiles on the lower walls, or you can position a glass light above the mirror for a sleek mirror look. Adding a marble sink to your bathroom could be another option to enhance your space.

Wrap-around the room mirrors a jaw-dropping focal point, and they are a bold choice. This trendy design is sophisticated and elegant and adds value to your space.  

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